About Us

We are 50 colorful people from over 15 countries. Many of us are gay ourselves and proud to connect people all over the world with our cutting edge technology and exciting features.

Meet the teams

Take a look at the teams taking care of the technical operations and software development of ROMEO

IOS and Android Teams

These are the teams working hard to keep our technical stack up to date and in line with industry standards, so you can enjoy ROMEO on the go.

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Web Team

With the freedom of the open web, this team researches and builds products across all devices. Using ever-evolving technologies, our products are built with accessibility and user experience at the forefront of what we do.

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Backend Team

The Backend Team develops the core of Romeo. Here is where all requests from browsers and apps come together, and all API-calls get handled in a discrete and efficient manner.

Service Team

The Services team is the beating heart of ERASYS. From payroll and HR, to organising social events, these multitaskers keep the company running smoothly and make everyone's work life pleasant.

System & Ops Team

This team takes care of the operability, stability and security of the platform. It is the machine-room-dungeon where the engines rattle.

Why Us?

Find out more about life at ERASYS.

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